Our Classes

Our program is split up into 6 courses - available online, anytime

  • Tech

    Learn the software development lifecycle and the Talent Personas across Frontend, Backend and DevOps Engineering.

  • Diversity & Inclusion

    Find where to source diverse candidates, how to engage with them, and create an inclusive environment that retains diverse technical talent.

  • The Alignment Framework™

    Full-cycle recruiter training, incorporating our Alignment Framework ™, awarding students with valuable UX tools.

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How our Tech Recruiter Certification Program works

"The Tech Recruiter Certification program has given me deeper insight into the engineer's technical world and provided a foundation that's enhanced my skills in sourcing, screening and selecting the best candidates for my clients. Any recruiter with 0-15 years experience will gain value from this program."

- Sherry Platt
  Chief Talent Officer

Our Technical Instructors

All of our classes are taught by tech leads in the field

  • Kellyn Potvin-Gorman

    Kellyn Potvin-Gorman

    DevOps Engineering Instructor

    Kellyn Pot’Vin-Gorman is a senior IT industry specialist with 20 years of multi-platform database expertise. She's the Technical Intelligence Manager for the Office of CTO at Delphix, one of Crunchbase's top emerging “Unicorn Leaders”, recognized with other upcoming technical companies. Kellyn is known for her extensive technical knowledge, her blog, http://dbakevlar.com and social media activity under her handle, DBAKevlar is well respected for her insight and content.
  • Morgan Whaley

    Morgan Whaley

    Director, Front End Technologies

    Morgan is a Colorado native who started in design but made the switch to web development in 2011. She immediately gravitated toward front end technologies and values bringing ideas and designs to life in applications. With 6 years of experience in programming, she works as a technical lead and oversees collaboration processes at Cognizant in Colorado and India.
  • Tim Glenn

    Tim Glenn

    Back End Engineering Instructor

    Timothy began his career in software development over twenty years ago building client-server applications in healthcare and agriculture. His experience in developing these real-world applications led him to opportunities abroad consulting Fortune 100 companies in the healthcare, insurance and financial industries. With each opportunity came different obstacles and through these experiences he has acquired in-depth knowledge of back-end engineering from inception to production. Timothy has proven experience in engineering mentorship and leading large teams to success in an enterprise environment.

Our Recruiting & Diversity Instructors

  • Alison Daley

    Alison Daley


    Alison Lawrence Daley has over ten years of recruiting experience. Her experience spans working with recently funded startups to Fortune 500s, along with both boutique and international recruiting agencies. She understands the pace, constraints and challenges recruiters face, especially in the intensely competitive world of technical recruiting.Alison’s mission is to empower recruiters to be more successful through developing training, tools and strategies for better understanding the industries, and the candidates, they recruit for. Alison is the organizer for the Tech Recruiter Conference and the founder of Recruiting Innovation.
  • Elaine Marino

    Elaine Marino

    Diversity & Inclusion Training

    Elaine Marino spearheads a movement championing the underrepresented in the tech industry. Specifically, she has been working in Colorado running Equili, a company creating and running diverse tech programs such as GoCode Colorado and LadyCoders. Her experience ranges from Fortune 500 advertising to Ruby on Rails software development, allowing Elaine to bring a plethora of experience to her client’s tech programs from idea, curation to execution.